Ash - Production Manager and Director of Quality Control

Ash enjoys barking and opening doors with handles. 

Carson - Lead Designer

Carson really likes making backpacks and still isn't sure how he got roped into designing apparel. When he has free time, Carson spends it working.

Jamison - Assistant Product Manager

Jamison (left) somehow finds time to sew amidst a busy schedule that consists of, school, sports, and binge watching NCIS.

Cooper - Sales Associate

Cooper is our resident Dead Head and is learning how to sew "So that my mom thinks I'm cool." 

Ian - Director of Photography and Media Accruement 

Despite not knowing what he's doing (his words), Ian always finds a way to get sick footy.

Nate - Influencer and Ideas Guy

Nate can typically be found making a fool of himself when he isn't making memes.